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Tool to identify the leader's capacity to empower and the empowerment of collaborators.

How does it

Develop your work team to its fullest potential, with committed people capable of correcting mistakes, overcoming problems, and achieving goals..

How effective is "empowerment" in your organization? The power and autonomy you give to your team is reflected in the satisfaction of your customers. This will improve as long as their perception of the organization remains positive.


Level of development:
Technical ability, emotional fit, organizational understanding.

Level of demand:
Level of compliance, decision making, resource management.

How does it work?

The tool has the following process:

This tool generates a 180° evaluation of the leader and team members. In the evaluation, the differences in the level of development and level of need are explored.

A report is produced indicating the member's empowerment zone, the leader's perspective vs. the member's perspective, and an analysis of variables to contribute to the development of the most critical factors.

Some of the clients we work with

We are proud of our work and that of our partners. We believe that success is achieved together.

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choose Sapháros?

Reasons to choose Sapháros as your company's human talent measurement platform.

More than 30 years of experience developing talent. We put all the knowledge acquired with other organizations at your disposal on this platform.

+ than 52,000 professionals have successfully used this tool.

Configuration of tools tailored to your organization: From small to large companies can use Sapháros according to their needs.

Fast Implementation: Having a cloud platform gives you the flexibility to run it quickly and from anywhere.

Security: Cybersecurity is present throughout our platform, so your data will always be protected. Cybersecurity is present throughout our platform, so your data will always be protected.

Easy and agile user experience that will allow you to fully enjoy this tool with the latest technology.

Simplicity and flexibility to analyze the information generated in the reports.

Customization that adapts to your company, as well as gives results in real time.

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